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Fishing Adventures

It was a beautiful three day weekend…all around.  We got some sort of Heavenly sent cold front this weekend.  It was fabulous!  We have enjoyed every second of it.  We haven’t even needed to run the A/C in three days.  This morning was so crisp and cool that we practically needed light jackets!

Dominic and I were able to spend a little bit of time together on a date Friday night.  We had a new babysitter come over to stay with the boys.  The new babysitter is a girl that we know from scouting.  She is a Venture Scout and her dad is the Scout Master.  The boys said they had a good time with her.  Dominic and I went to dinner and a movie.  There isn’t much else to do here but we enjoyed the time together.

On Saturday we ran some errands.  Dominic wanted to get some overalls…not sure why…but he was so happy when we found them!

Dominic ended up having a quick meeting at work on Sunday then we took the dogs (and boys) for a walk.  After that we went fishing.  It was such a beautiful day!  The fish are thick in the cattle tank where we fish at because the water is so low.  We each caught several fish.  It was a great evening.  We had so much fun that we decided to go fishing again the next night!  Here are some pictures.

One of Christian's monster fish!

My fish!

Mason caught this fish with his tiny Lightning McQueen pole!! He was SO excited!

He's still talking about that fish! He was a little scared of it but tried to be super excited at the same can see in his face 🙂

Dominic's 22" Blue Cat


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