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Mason’s First Game

Its SOCCER TIME!!!  Last Saturday was Mason’s first game.  He was super excited and couldn’t wait to play!  His team won 9-3.  Mason didn’t score any goals at the first game but this weekend at the second game he scored four!  All the boys on his team are hard-core soccer players…well except for one 😉  These boys have an amazing concept of the game.  They get it.  The two teams that they’ve played so far have been what we expected to see from our boys.  Everything from crying, not wanting to play to standing around.  We’ve only had a couple of incidents with boys not wanting to play and crying from little injuries.

Mason came out of the 4th quarter with a head injury…okay, not really a head injury but he did slip on the ball and went backwards and slammed his head on the ground.  It scared him and he started to cry and didn’t want to finish the quarter.  They still won that game and played against a team that didn’t look like they had ever practiced.  I felt bad for them because our boys kept scoring and scoring and scoring.  Those boys didn’t seem like they had a clue about anything and many of their parents were on the field with them.  As the opposing team we cheered them on and I hope they weren’t discouraged by the game.

The Toadies won 13-2 this week.  Go Toadies!

Here are some pictures from the first game.

Landon, Jacob, Matthew, Cash, Mason and Maverick

The Toadies!

Action shot

Me and my little guy 🙂


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