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Air Show 2011

It was a busy weekend around town!  Lots going on with Falls Fest and the Air Show.  Dominic had to work both days of the air show as usual but this year he was in civilian clothes which meant that we could walk around with him while he secretly investigated people 😉  First we went to Mason’s soccer practice where they lost their first game.  The kids did great but there was a little girl on the other team that was super quick and knew the game well!  It was the first game where we had some really good competition which was great.  After soccer we headed to base where we got backstage pass access.  Okay, not technically but when you know the right people it sure makes a difference.  Dominic told us to park in his office parking lot and he would meet us there.  He picked us up in his truck, we drove past the huge row of cars waiting for parking and we were able to park right by a second entrance and walk right in.  Love my Investigator Macias!

The air show was great and the boys loved it.  I had never taken them before because its too much work.  Dominic always has to work the air shows and taking all the boys alone would be exhausting!  Mason was so excited every time the formation of planes went by.  He screamed and shouted “WHOA!”  It was great!  We got to walk onto a C-17 Cargo plane too.

That was pretty awesome.   When we walked my a missile loader Ayden thought it was pretty cool.  He asked if he could sit in it and they let him!  He thought that was pretty cool.  Dominic also got to show the boys the kind of plane that he flew on while he was deployed.

We ran into our friends John and Laurie at the air show too.  Its always great to see them!  They are so good to us and the boys 🙂  They even bought the boys some frozen lemonade!!  So sweet!  When it was time to go we all piled into Dominic’s truck and he took us back to our cars so we could get out of there before the rush of traffic leaving base started.

It was a busy but fun weekend 🙂


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