Here's the place to catch up on our family activities!

Catching Up

Its been months!!  I’ve dropped the ball on keeping up with my blog, its true.

Dominic's new love

Christian in the 6th grade Christmas Play

Our sweet boys

We are well into the new year and going strong! Dominic changed jobs and is no longer working back office. He is a flight chief working on a days flight. That makes for early mornings and short evenings. Its been tough getting used to the new schedule. He no longer has every weekend off which is kind of a bummer. We’re making it work though like always.

We are getting geared up for Spring.  Mason has started his second season of Soccer and T-Ball will begin in the next week or so.  Ayden will be testing for his blue belt next week and Christian is doing well with his advancements in Boy Scouts.  We are so proud of our boys!

We are planning to start our Spring garden very soon.  We are excited to plant some new things this year.  Lets hope it works out well!


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